Developing and commercialising a natural nitrogen technologyOur nitrogen-fixing bacteria is unique as it fixes nitrogen intracellularly within crop plants. It is environmentally friendly and has the potential to be ubiquitous to all crops.

This patented technology addresses the global excesses concerning the Nitrogen Issue without recourse to genetic manipulation and will contribute to sustainable intensification of farming, which is a required shift that the world needs.

Our technology is based on a naturally occurring, nitrogen fixing bacteria which takes up and uses nitrogen from the air.  The seed/plant is treated with a bacterium which fixes atmospheric nitrogen to all crops cell to cell.

Nitrogen fertilisation is required by all crop plants, however the majority of current products are inefficient in application and uptake by plants. The overuse of nitrogen fertiliser not only has environmental issues but is highly inefficient.These products and current practices are now environmentally unsustainable in the volumes that are being applied. There is a definite requirement for a natural nitrogen fixing technology that is both effective and sustainable.

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Nitrogen fertilisationOur nitrogen fixing bacteria:

  • Provides every cell in the plant with the ability to fix nitrogen
  • Replaces around 60% of plant’s nitrogen needs
  • Is environmentally friendly and contains no toxins
  • Is different from other inoculant technologies and products on the market
  • Our technology is NON-GM
  • Offers a cost benefit to the grower through a reduction in the use of nitrogen based fertilisers
  • Our patented technology comes with a powerful provenance based on 20 years research.


While the current rhizobia bacteria market is limited to a few legume crops, the accessible market for Azotic Technologies is on all of the world’s crop species.  

Azotic has achieved a world first in grass growing in total absence of soil N.