Wheat Growing DD2Crops

While the current rhizobia bacteria market is limited to a few legume crops, the accessible market for Azotic Technologies is on all of the world’s crop species. Proof of Concept has been established in a diverse range of crops, including grass, maize,  wheat, rice, oil-seed rape, potato and tomato.

Our current field trial programme is focusing on grass, wheat, oilseed rape (canola), maize and rice.

Azotic has achieved a world first in grass growing in total absence of soil N. Our latest grass trials on amenity turf and pasture grass that were inoculated with N-Fix® resulted in a saving of around 50% of nitrogen fertiliser. For both amenity turf and pasture grass results showed a greater amount of biomass. Pasture grass also produced a higher level of chlorophyll.

This very clearly shows that the wide-spread application of N-Fix® in agriculture across the world could result in a significant reduction in the amount of fertiliser used on crops. This would not only bring about environmental but also economic benefits for both farmers and the wider population.

Independent field trials have demonstrated that Azotic’s technology can achieve improved yields on two of the world’s most important cereal crops, Maize and Wheat, whilst vastly reducing nitrogen fertiliser applications. Trials on wheat in the UK and maize in Belgium and Germany indicated that N-Fix® treated crops reduced Nitrogen fertiliser application by over 50 per cent with a positive impact on yields.