Azotic’s natural nitrogen fixing technology is now commercially available in the USA


Azotic Technologies, the UK-based global ag-tech company, is now making commercial progress with its natural nitrogen fixing technology.  N-Fix®/ Envita™ (Envita is the brand in North America) is derived from a naturally occurring food grade bacteria (Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus) that enables plants to fix nitrogen from the air and replace up to 50 per cent of their nitrogen needs as an alternative to fertiliser.

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Azotic Technologies get positive results from rice trials


Azotic Technologies’ natural nitrogen fixing technology is a disruptive innovation which has the proven potential to totally change agriculture.  The technology, which is based on a food-grade bacterium derived from sugarcane, is environmentally friendly and applies to all major crops.

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Azotic Technologies update brochure


Azotic natural nitrogen fixing seed coating technology provides a sustainable solution to fertiliser overuse and nitrogen pollution.

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Natural nitrogen fixation for sustainable agriculture


Modern agriculture needs to feed a growing population in a more sustainable way.

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Azotic Envita launch in North America


Envita™ launching commercially in North America in Autumn 2018.

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New delivery system for sustainable nitrogen


THE CHALLENGE:Disruptive, sustainable innovation in agricultureAs we look into the future of agriculture and food production, we face a number of challenges that seem impossible to address on their own.

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Positive rice trials in Vietnam


A series of rice trials in Vietnam has shown very positive results.  Seeds treated with Azotic’s natural nitrogen fixing technology resulted in significant yield increases when compared to non-treated seeds.  These independent field trials were carried out by the Cuu Long Rice Research Institute, Can Tho and the Field Crops Research Institute, Hai Duong.Agriculture in Vietnam is a major sector, representing 17% of GDP.  Rice accounts for a large proportion of this.  Vietnam is the 5th largest exporter of rice.Rice production in Vietnam reached 28.0 million MT in 2016 from 22.9 million MT in 2006, at a growth rate of 22.3%.

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Azotic Technologies Expand North American Agronomy Team


Azotic Technologies has appointed Dr Thomas Reed as a Research Agronomist in North America.  As part of the company’s North American Agronomy Team he will be involved in managing the field trials programme in the USA and Canada.  These trials are designed to assess and monitor the results of Azotic’s nitrogen fixing technology.

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Peter Blezard CEO of the Month


Peter Blezard, CEO of Azotic Technologies, has been awarded the CEO of the Month accolade by Corporate Vision.  This publications award programme recognised outstanding achievement and game changing innovation.

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Establishing symbiotic nitrogen fixation in cereals and other non-legume crops: The Greener Nitrogen Revolution.


A paper was published in Agriculture and Food Security on Establishing symbiotic nitrogen fixation in cereals and other non-legume crops: The Greener Nitrogen Revolution.  The authors were Dr David Dent CTO Azotic Technologies) and Professor Edward Cocking FRS (University of Nottingham).

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Azotic Technologies appoint R&D Manager


Nick Gosman has joined Azotic Technologies as R&D Manager.  He is responsible for managing the research, analysis and co-ordination of scientific information relevant to the development of Azotic’s strategy and policies.  Nick will also lead a team of world class scientists working in our laboratories at BioCity in Nottingham.

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Azotic Technologies Corporate Presentation


Azotic (defined from the Greek: to be concerned with nitrogen) Technologies has developed a unique nitrogen fixing technology that provides a sustainable solution to fertiliser overuse.    This new platform technology will be commercialised through appropriate partnerships in R&D, customers already identified and secured routes to market.

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Azotic Technologies appoints new Agronomists


Azotic Technologies has expanded it team of Agronomists.  The Agronomists led by Dr Pedro Carvalho has now added Mariya Iqbal and Michelle Nuttall to the team.  An expansion in Azotic’s field trial programme in Europe and North America has necessitated additional staff.

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Azotic Technologies secure Frost and Sullivan Award


Azotic Technologies, the developer and producer of natural Nitrogen-fixation for increased agronomic benefit, has been awarded Frost and Sullivan’s 2015 Technology Innovation Award for the European Alternative Fertiliser Industry.  Analysts independently evaluated the technology’s attributes and future business value to recognise the Company as having strong overall performance, highlighting the importance of a ground-breaking agricultural solution that allows plants extract nitrogen from the air rather than from polluting fertilisers.

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Soils in Parliament


In celebration of the declaration of 2015 as the International Year of Soil by the United Nations Assembly, the UK Parliamentary and Scientific Committee dedicated a meeting to the issue of soil, under the title “Are We Looking After our Soil”?

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The Nitrogen Issue


Nitrogen is central to increasing plant yields to feed the world’s growing population, however fertiliser technology has remained much the same for the last 50 years.  More than a century ago Fritz Haber figured out a way to fix nitrogen which is abundant in the atmosphere, into ammonia, the active...

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Azotic Technologies Increases Scientific Team


Azotic Technologies, which is developing natural nitrogen fixation for agriculture, has appointed two new scientists, Dr Nathalie Narraidoo and Dr Katrin Schwarz, to boost its scientific team at BioCity, Nottingham.

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Azotic Technologies Wins Innovator of the Year Award


Azotic Technologies has been named Innovator of the Year at the eighth New Energy & Cleantech Awards in London.  The judges recognised the importance of a ground breaking agricultural solution that allows plants to extract nitrogen from the air rather than from polluting fertilisers.

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Rushlight Awards Winner 2014-2015


The Rushlight Awards focus on the technology and innovation achievements of UK and Irish organizations in the journey to develop new technologies and implement innovative new science.

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Nitrogen Fixation Trials


Press Release - 23 October 2014

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New Laboratory Appointments


Press Release - 1 June 2014

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The Greener Revolution –


A new nitrogen-fixing technology has been developed which will help transform agriculture.  This patented technology enables all crops to take up nitrogen from the atmosphere rather than from expensive and potentially environmentally damaging nitrogen based fertilisers.

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Nitrogen Pollution


The current level of nitrogen fertiliser over use cannot continue.

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Food Security


According to Professor Sir John Beddington, former Chief Scientific Adviser to HM government, food security is a major challenge confronting global agriculture.

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