Azotic’s natural nitrogen fixing technology is now commercially available in the USA

Azotic Technologies, the UK-based global ag-tech company, is now making commercial progress with its natural nitrogen fixing technology.  N-Fix® is derived from a naturally occurring food grade bacteria (Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus) that enables plants to fix nitrogen from the air and replace up to 50 per cent of their nitrogen needs as an alternative to fertiliser. It is environmentally-friendly, cost-reducing and also proven to increase crop yields.

After positive field trial results on maize, soybean and rice, Azotic's nitrogen fixation technology is now commercially available to growers in 50 US States. In 2018, farm scale trials across 11 states validated the previous 6 years of research with encouraging results and feedback from growers.

According to Nolan Berg, President at Azotic North America,

Azotic's nitrogen fixing technology increases yields on average 5-13% and in some cases up to 20% in trials where nitrogen fertiliser levels have not been reduced."
US Envita Corn Trials
The photo from a grower in Minnesota where you can see a visual difference in his corn field between treated and untreated (front of picture).

Azotic has also carried out a series of successful rice trials in Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines.  In three Vietnamese rice trials the response was a mean average 20% (825 kg/ha) yield increase across all the field trials (2017). Two rice trials were carried out in Thailand and two in the Philippines in 2018. Overall on the N-Fix treated plots yields were significantly higher than the untreated at every fertiliser N level tested with the N-Fix treated plots yielding 17% (645 kg/ha) more than the untreated.  At 50% of the recommended N fertiliser application a substantial 29% (1t/ha) increase was seen. Further rice trials are being carried out in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.

Azotic’s N-Fix technology is applied to plants via the seed creating a symbiotic relationship within the plant. This enables the plant create its own source of nitrogen thus reducing dependency on nitrogen fertilisers.  The seeds are treated with a liquid inoculant before planting and the bacteria are incorporated into a plant’s cells via the seed to boost its ability to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere.

Peter Blezard, CEO of Azotic, said:

Agriculture requires more efficient and sustainable farming practices in order to increase food supply and maintain biodiversity. These results highlight the efficacy of our revolutionary technology in making crops nitrogen-fixing and with the resulting increased yields.”

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Notes to Editors
Azotic Technologies is the provider of a natural-nitrogen fixing technology for the sustainable increase of crop performance and the reduced usage of nitrogen-based fertilisers. Azotic’s N-Fix® is the first and only commercial technology for the fixing of nitrogen directly from the atmosphere for all major crops. The technology can satisfy up to 50% of a plant’s need for nitrogen, subsequently reducing the cost of nitrogen-based fertilisers for farmers by up to 50%.
The Company was founded in 2012 to commercialise the technology discovered by Professor Edward Cocking, Fellow of the Royal Society and Director at the Centre for Crop Nitrogen Fixation at the University of Nottingham.  The Company employs a world-leading team of research scientists, which are based at BioCity, Nottingham.
Azotic North America was established to introduce this natural nitrogen-fixing technology to farmers in North America.
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