Paddy Rice Harvest RGBWhile the current rhizobia bacteria market is limited to a few legume crops, the accessible market for Azotic Technologies is on all of the world’s crop species. Proof of Concept has been established in a diverse range of crops, including grass, maize,  wheat, rice, oil-seed rape, potato and tomato.

Our current field trial programme is focusing on rice, wheat, maize and soybean.

Independent field trials have demonstrated that Azotic’s technology can achieve improved yields on three of the world’s most important crops, Maize, Soybean and Rice, whilst vastly reducing nitrogen fertiliser applications.

There were positive results from the US Grower Partner Programme. Commercial sales on maize and soybean in the US has reduced the need for applied nitrogen fertiliser on average by 27% without impacting yield.

Maize (Corn)

The nitrogen fixation treatment on maize was applied in-furrow; it delivered on average between 5-13% yield increase and in some cases up to 20%.

Partner Trials, USA

Maize 01

2019 Harrison County (Iowa Soybean Association)

Iowa Soybean Association, Corn Trials 2019
In trials with the Iowa Soybean Association, the plots treated in-furrow with N-Fix had positive corn harvest results compared to the control.  These were:

  • A yield increase of 7.0 (Washington County) bu/ac.
  • A yield increase11.0 (Harrison County) bu/ac.



Legend Seeds/YMS Trials 2019

Maize 02

N-Fix Yield Advantage Summary (bu/ac)

The results from 22 grower trials where N-Fix was applied to corn in-furrow showed an 86% positive yield response.

  • Average yield boost was 7.3 bu/ac overall.
  • Average yield boost of positive results was 10.0 bu/ac. 

Negative results in this piano graph are single data points in a trial with data that was overall positive. Those data points were probably impacted by field conditions and negative impact on yield not due to N-Fix.


Grower Trials, USA


Maize 03

2019 Foliar Corn Trial Results

Demo/Grower Trials 2019
52 foliar trials took place with growers in 13 states across the US. Growers signed up online for trials or conducted trials with Legend Seeds agronomists.
Data was received from 18 corn trials overall.



Really thought we’d see no difference as we had 120lbs of actual N applied, and very low yields with almost no rain.  Seeing 9 bushels difference was impressive. Felt like we also saw a plant health difference at harvest."

Grower Endorsement


The 2018 grower program included 9 soybean trials throughout the US. Over 85% of trials saw a yield increase, with yield increases of up to 8% (bu/ac).

CRO Trials, USA

SoyaBean 01

Dana - Soybean

CRO Trials, Dana, Iowa 2017

  • Highly significantly yield increase in N-Fix treatment compared to control at both N levels (p<0.001).
  • The yield increase was 29% at 0 N and 8.4% at
    44.8 kg N/ha when using N-Fix



SoyaBean 02

York, Nebraska - Soybean

CRO Trials, York, Nebraska 2017

  • Higher yield in the N-Fix treatment compared to the control at both N levels - this difference was not statistically significant (p=0.131).
  • The yield increases were 4.2% at 0 N and 0.7% at
    44.8 kg N/ha.




Grower Trials, USA

SoyaBean 03

2019 Soybean (MO Grower)

Demo/Grower Trials 2019
In-furrow trials on soybean with a grower in Missouri
resulted in:

  • A yield increase of 2.3 bu/ac.
  • This represented + 4.7% @ 13% moisture.



SoyaBean 04

2019 Foliar Soybean Trial Results

Demo/Grower Trials 2019
Out of 22 foliar trials placed on soybean, 14 growers submitted harvest data.
There was an increase in yield in 64.3% of trials.

  • Average impact on yield was 1.1 bu/ac.






A product based on the N-Fix technology has been developed for rice with an optimised dose, formulation and delivery process. Field validation of the formulation and delivery method that fits well with existing seed priming systems has demonstrated that N-Fix has the ability to reduce nitrogen fertiliser application and farmers operating costs while also increasing crop yield.

A series of independent field trials on rice were carried out in Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam by accredited contract research organisations during 2017-2020.


Thailand and the Philippines

Rice 20182018 Overall Yield Results
During the 2017/18 dry season, there were two trials in Thailand and two in the Philippines.

  • Overall the N-Fix treated yields were significantly higher (p ≤ 0.001) than the untreated at every N level.
  • Across all of the trials and N levels, the N-Fix treated plots yielded 17% more than control, with a 1 t/ha (29%) increase being seen at 50% N.
  • The maximum yield increases observed were 34% at 0% N, 57% at 50% N and 15% at 100% N.

Rice 20192019 Overall Yield Results
In 2019 four trials were carried out in Thailand and the Philippines.

  • Overall N-Fix increased yield by 17%.
  • N-Fix often leads to 50% N savings without yield penalty.
  • Growers can combine N-Fix and full recommended N fertiliser and see a yield boost.
  • Combining full recommended N application and N-Fix showed an average increase of 16% (0.72 t/ha).


Rice 2020


2020 Overall Yield Results
These are based on two trials in Thailand.

  • Overall N-Fix increased yield by 22%.
  • While control yield at 50% N was higher than control yield at 100% N, N-Fix  treatment yielded higher at 0 N than control treatments at all N levels tested – 0, 50, and 100% N.
  • Combining full recommended N application and N-Fix showed an average increase of 25% (0.75 t/ha).



The 2017 rice trials in Vietnam have shown very positive results with a significant increase in yield.  Two trials involved paddy direct sowing for typical double irrigated rice in the Mekong Delta region and a third comprised of transplanting the rice in the North Red River Delta region.  The rice treated with our natural nitrogen fixing technology gave the best results in the field.

Results with Gd at direct sowingResults with Gd at direct sowing
The graph below presents an average of two trials with direct sowing. Result is an increase in yield of 22% when Gd was used at 100% fertilisation level. When the nitrogen level was decreased to 50 – 60% an increase in yield with 33% was observed.

Results with Gd at transplantingResults with Gd at transplanting
The graph below presents the results of one trial with transplanting.  Result is an increase in yield of 10% when Gd was used at 100% fertilisation level. When the nitrogen level was decreased to 75% an increase in yield with 14% was observed.

This very clearly shows that the wide-spread application of N-Fix® in agriculture across the world could result in a significant reduction in the amount of fertiliser used on crops. This would not only bring about environmental but also economic benefits for both farmers and the wider population.