Azotic Technologies Increases Scientific Team

Azotic Technologies, which is developing natural nitrogen fixation for agriculture, has appointed two new scientists, Dr Nathalie Narraidoo and Dr Katrin Schwarz, to boost its scientific team at BioCity, Nottingham.

 Azotic is currently generating new IP based on further research and extension of the current patents.  A highly qualified team of scientists will help achieve this and develop the BioCity facility into a centre of excellence for Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus (Gd).

Nathalie is an experienced molecular biologist; she has a B.Sc (Hons) Biotechnology and a PhD in Plant Molecular Biology, both from The University of Nottingham.  She was a Research Fellow in Yeast Genetics, Life Sciences at The University of Nottingham before joining the Azotic Team.  Her research experience includes analysing antibody fragments, assessing E.coli strains for cloning steps, and working with yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). She will focus on developing Azotic’s IP pipeline  through a detailed understanding of the different function of genes.

 Katrin is a qualified microbiologist with over 10 years experience in classical microbiological and molecular and synthetic biology techniques as well as anaerobic laboratory-scale fermentation.  She

has a degree in Biology and a PhD in Microbiology both from the University of Rostock (Germany). 

Prior to joining the scientific team at Azotic Katrin spent 6 years as a Research Fellow at The University of Nottingham and before that she was a PostDoc at Wageningen University (The Netherlands). Katrin will be looking at how to utilise the development of bacterial strains.

 Both Nathalie and Katrin will make a positive contribution to the development of Azotic’s natural nitrogen fixing technology N-Fix®.

 Azotic has also recruited Emma Smail as an Agronomist to work under Dr Pedro Carvalho, the company’s Crop Scientist.  Emma has a BSc Hons Ecology and Conservation from Manchester Metropolitan University.  She has experience in ecology working as an Assistant Ecologist for Access Ecology Ltd, Sheffield.

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Katrin, Nathalie & Inma

Katrin, Nathalie & Inma