Azotic Technologies secure Frost and Sullivan Award

Azotic Technologies, the developer and producer of natural Nitrogen-fixation for increased agronomic benefit, has been awarded Frost and Sullivan’s 2015 Technology Innovation Award for the European Alternative Fertiliser Industry.  Analysts independently evaluated the technology’s attributes and future business value to recognise the Company as having strong overall performance, highlighting the importance of a ground-breaking agricultural solution that allows plants extract nitrogen from the air rather than from polluting fertilisers.Frost Sullivan Best Practices Award 2015 small

 Azotic Technologies has developed a natural Nitrogen fixing technology (N-Fix®) based on a food-grade bacteria, providing a sustainable solution to continued fertiliser overuse and nitrogen pollution.  It is environmentally friendly, applies to all crops, and provides an additional cost benefit to the grower through reduced fertiliser costs. 

 This is a new platform technology which provides every cell in the plant with the ability to fix up to 50% of the plant’s nitrogen needs from the air, thus reducing the dependency on nitrogen-based fertilisers.  This process provides the optimum solution for the agricultural industry looking for sustainable alternatives for nitrogen addition to plants.

 Commenting on the award Peter Blezard, CEO of Azotic, said: “This award acknowledges Azotic’s work over the past few years, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our innovation and the potential ground breaking change for the agricultural sector.  By allowing crops to access atmospheric nitrogen through our N-Fix® technology, we offer a more sustainable solution to the nitrogen problem, along with a financial benefit to the hard-pressed agricultural industry.  Nitrogen leached into ecosystems and waterways has serious detrimental effects on our natural environment. “Modern agriculture needs to become more sustainable and natural nitrogen fixation will contribute to this.  This technology is a major development in plant nutrition and has the ability to transform agriculture.”

 According to Frost and Sullivan  “Azotic’s  technology  possesses  the  potential  to  reduce  global  dependency  on  nitrogen fertilisers  and  offers  a  host  of  economic,  environmental  and  performance  benefits  with it. The  technology  is  applicable  to  all  types  of  crops  and  is  diverse  in  its  application.  Its benefits  have  already  attracted  the  attention  of  a  number  of  larger  industries  and  it  is poised  to  create  a  huge  impact  on  the  agriculture  sector.  The technology possesses immense potential, considering the worldwide market of nitrogen-based fertiliser.  Frost & Sullivan expects the technology to have high licensing prospects, and we look forward to seeing Azotic’s continued success in the years to come.”


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