Food Security

According to Professor Sir John Beddington, former Chief Scientific Adviser to HM government, food security is a major challenge confronting global agriculture. He  also stated “What we need is a new and greener revolution, like the one we saw in the developing world in the 1960s, but which tackles both food security and climate change”.

There is a definite need for a new innovative Nitrogen technology that is designed for our 21st Century needs in agriculture.

The Foresight Report on Global Food and Farming Futures (2011)⁶, states that we should be moving to sustainable intensification of our agriculture in the UK.  Key challenges for the future include:

  • Balancing future demand and supply sustainably – to ensure that food supplies are affordable. 
  • Maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services while feeding the world.
  • Improving the energy and greenhouse gas efficiency of nitrogen supply and use in agriculture.