New delivery system for sustainable nitrogen

Disruptive, sustainable innovation in agriculture
As we look into the future of agriculture and food production, we face a number of challenges that seem impossible to address on their own. The need to feed a rapidly growing global population is exacerbated by a decreasing mass of arable land for crop production and the negative impact large scale production can have on our environment.

We can’t simply produce less food in the interest of the environment. At the same time, we can’t survive and thrive long into the future if our land, air and water supply continue to absorb the impact of intensive production practices.

They say necessity is the mother of invention and we’ve seen many innovations that attempt to tackle the fine balance between agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability, but most come with significant trade-offs that do not achieve balance. This situation is particularly true with nitrogen fertilizer use in agriculture.

The universal use of nitrogen fertilizer in modern agriculture is required to optimize crop productivity. Until now, farmers wanting to reduce their use of nitrogen fertilizer would also be looking at a reduction in yield potential – use less to produce less – a solution that addresses only half of the equation.

A solution without compromise
A new technology from Azotic, answers the need on both sides of the equation to meet the needs of our food supply and the environment. Envita™ is a naturally occurring food grade bacteria (Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus) that enables plants of all types to fix nitrogen from the air and replace up to 50% of plants’ nitrogen needs, essentially turning plants into nitrogen-fixing machines.

Applied on seed, Envita enables every cell in the plant to fix its own nitrogen from the air, which is 78% Nitrogen. Envita bacteria naturally metabolizes nitrogen directly from the air allowing farmers to reduce their nitrogen fertility program and still hit their yield goals.

The environmental benefits range from a positive impact on the greenhouse gas equation to reduced leaching/run-off of nitrogen and its impact on the clean water supply. Envita can also be part of a carbon credit strategy to monetize these positive environmental impacts.

2018 USA farm program
Envita’s 2018 Grower Program is giving progressive corn and soybean farmers across America the chance to see first-hand how Envita turns plants into nitrogen-fixing machines for increased yields. Farmers were offered 50 acres of product to try Envita and see the benefits first hand on their own farms.

While available to farmers in the US this year, Envita is the result of nearly 20 years of research by Professor Ted Cocking FRS, a leading world expert on nitrogen and plant science. Azotic Technologies in the United Kingdom was established in January 2012 to further develop and commercialise this natural nitrogen fixing technology which enables sustainable farming without nitrogen pollution. Envita technology has been recognized globally for its contribution to sustainable farm practices.

Envita will be available for purchase throughout the United States as early as Fall 2018.

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