Positive rice trials in Vietnam

A series of rice trials in Vietnam has shown very positive results.  Seeds treated with Azotic’s natural nitrogen fixing technology resulted in significant yield increases when compared to non-treated seeds.  These independent field trials were carried out by the Cuu Long Rice Research Institute, Can Tho and the Field Crops Research Institute, Hai Duong.

Agriculture in Vietnam is a major sector, representing 17% of GDP.  Rice accounts for a large proportion of this.  Vietnam is the 5th largest exporter of rice.

Rice production in Vietnam reached 28.0 million MT in 2016 from 22.9 million MT in 2006, at a growth rate of 22.3%. Rice yield per hectare also increased in the range of 5.5-5.8 tons during the period of 2010-2015, although now Vietnam’s rice yields are growing at a slowing pace.

Vietnamese agriculture still needs to generate more economic value. Future growth can rely primarily on increased efficiency, innovation, diversification, and value-addition.  There are opportunities for new technologies such as nitrogen-fixing cultures in order to reinvigorate the rice industry.