Nitrogen Fixing Technology - US Patents Granted

Peter Blezard CEO Azotic

Azotic Technologies, the UK-based global ag-tech company, announces that the US Patent and Trademark Office has just granted Azotic two significant patents. The first patent being, US patent titled: “Novel Microorganisms and Their Use in Agriculture”. The second patent being, US patent titled: “Plant Inoculation Method”. Both patents relate to Azotic’s natural nitrogen fixing technology (N-Fix®) which is derived from a naturally occurring food grade bacterium Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus (Gd).

Both these patents are part of Azotic’s patent portfolio strategy and have been granted in other territories, for example; the European Union, the United Kingdom and South Africa. They are of significant value to the company.  This follows on the issuance of several patents earlier this year in Europe and other territories.

N-Fix® is an alternative to nitrogen fertilisers. It is environmentally-friendly, cost-reducing and is also proven to increase crop yields.

Peter Blezard, CEO of Azotic, commented:

These patents will increase the market potential for N-Fix® products and will benefit the grower as well as the environment. They protect Azotic’s product development pipeline and highlights the company’s expertise in nitrogen fixation"


Azotic Technologies Ltd

Azotic Technologies is a global leader in the provision of effective microbial inoculants for nitrogen fixation in agriculture (N-Fix®) that allows significant reduction in the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer while improving crop yield and vigour.

The technology aims to address the international market need for sustainable agricultural by reducing chemical fertilisers and increased food supply. Azotic’s nitrogen fixing technology is the first and only intracellular technology that enables plants to naturally fix nitrogen directly from the air as opposed to being dependent on nitrogen-based fertilisers.

About N-Fix®

Most microbial inoculants for nitrogen-fixation live in the soil where the fixed nitrogen is not directly available to the plant cells and where the performance of the inoculant varies with climate and soil conditions. Like rhizobia that fix nitrogen in legumes, Azotic’s N-Fix® microbial inoculant colonises plant cells intracellularly, where the fixed nitrogen is directly available to the plant cells. This unique bacterium fixes nitrogen in legumes and non-legumes, and in roots as well as leaves of plants, making this technology universally applicable to all crops and its performance consistent in most soil and climate conditions.

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