Nitrogen Crisis in Agriculture

Research Prospects for Potential Solutions to Nitrogen Crisis in Agriculture

 The North American Conference on Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation (NACSNF) was founded over 40 years ago and gathers researchers studying N2-fixing symbioses in mainly rhizobial, algae and Frankia systems. This year the 23rd NACSNF was held in the beautiful Pacific Ocean resort Hotel Las Brisas in Ixtapa, México and was attended by around 100 scientists from North America as well as other countries. The talks focused on the evolution of the nitrogen fixation genes, its genomics, development and biochemical signalling involved in the symbiotic association of bacteria to their hosts and applications of symbiotic nitrogen fixation for agricultural purposes. Azotic Technologies was represented by Professor Ted Cocking, David Dent and myself with David giving an oral presentation entitled “Establishment of cereal and non-legume crop symbiotic nitrogen fixation by Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus”.

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