N-Fix is a unique technology that enables all crop species to fix nitrogen directly from air. It enables naturally sustainable farming without nitrogen pollution. It will also boost plant efficiency and increase crop yields.  There is a growing movement towards Climate Smart Agriculture and this technology addresses the international market need for sustainable agricultural  fertilisers.

N FixN-Fix is a patented technology based on a beneficial bacteria Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus (Gd) for coating plant seeds in order to create a symbiotic relationship within the plant enabling it to substitute the nitrogen it normally takes up from the soil with atmospheric nitrogen – thus reducing dependency on nitrogen fertilisers.

Features N-Fix:

  • Is environmentally friendly and contains no toxins. 
  • Replaces up to 50% of the plant’s nitrogen needs - less nitrogen pollution.
  • Increases crop yields and enhances quality – greater farm revenue.
  • Provides every cell in the plant with the ability to fix its own nitrogen.
  • Sustainable nitrogen for agriculture supports cleaner food - greener food, cleaner water.
  • Market demand – food groups/supermarkets pursuing sustainability and food safety.
  • Significant cost benefit to the grower through reduced fertiliser costs and increased yields.   
  • Is neither genetic modification (GM) nor bio-engineering.
  • Is different from other inoculant technologies and products on the market.

Azotic is the only company offering an “intracellular” strain of this bacteria in non-legumes. Our fully patented technology comes with a powerful provenance based on 20 years research.

Azotic’s technologies has a strong patent portfolio and an exiting intellectual property pipeline.